The Joys of Modern Technology

Um, yeah.

So it’s Report Card season here in Baltimore. Teachers are filling out all kinds of forms that will wind up On Your Permanent Record and then you won’t get into Harvard. Or Baltimore County Community College, whatever.

With the special education students, they get a separate report card for their Individual Education Programs, or IEPs, so that the parents find out how their child is doing on his/her individual IEP goals. The regular report cards are a lot of writing in the information on forms, but the IEP report cards require computer entry and then get printed out. And since the teachers have to take time out of their days to do the data entry, this is not a good time for the city computer servers to go down.

And down they did go. Oh wait, no they didn’t: A call to the IT monkeys revealed that it wasn’t the City server that had gone down. No sirree, it was just the server for MY school. So I’m the only one that’s screwed. No email, no IEP report cards, no data verification reports…and I can’t print out any documents, because my printer is networked too. Teachers are already peeved at me for other reasons so this wasn’t helping. So we lost the server for the whole morning. It just came back up. So naturally I’m doing this instead of working. Hah!

Actually, I have students to test today and it’s their lunchtime, so I’m just killing time till they get back from lunch. But the city servers have been screwy for the last few weeks and that’s bad, people, real bad. We’re getting too dependent on the system now to have to deal with wonky servers.