The One Where GF Gets Promoted

Val Bassett: Hey?
Will Truman, Grace Adler: Surprise!
Val Bassett: What are you two doing here?
Grace Adler: Um, uh – we thought you had a gas leak.
Val Bassett: Then why did you yell, "Surprise"?
Will Truman: Well … we didn't say it was a nice surprise.

-Will and Grace, "Girls, Interrupted" (5/2/00)


So a million years ago, back in July, I was a couple of days away from a pig roast and I'd noted that we had something interesting planned. My family came in without a hitch, and we all had dinner with GF's parents on Friday night. This would be my mother, my brother and his wife, my dad and stepmother, and GF's parents, plus me, GF, Daughter, and Wee One. What a merry time we had at Valentino's that evening! 

The next day, my brother and I made our pilgrimage to Cross Street Market, where we picked up the pig from the butcher. This year it was all ready and waiting for us (unlike the previous two years, where we had to wait for the pig to be butterflied), so that was a pretty quick trip, except for the whole being on the other end of town thing. 

Back to the house, where we assembled the grill and started the fire. By 10:30, the fire was ready and the pig was on the grill. My method for making the pig, incidentally, is remarkably similar to the way they do it at this website. Anyway. During the day, guests started to arrive and we (naturally) put them to work. By 6:00 the pig was done and we were whacking it up and serving it out. 

DSC02137 At about 7:45, which was a little later than we'd originally planned, I grabbed the microphone and announced to the guests (there were about 70 of them) that GF and I had finally decided to take the plunge. "And, we'd like you all to be there, so we've set the date…it's July 11, 2009." 

There was a moment of silence before someone–and we still don't know who–said, "But, that's today!" Hand that lady a cigar. From there, GF and I stepped down to the patio and got Pastor Lisa, who'd slipped in around 6:30, to perform the ceremony. 

It's kind of cool to note–and I just noticed this–that the sky peeking through in the upper left corner of the photo of me with the microphone is still more or less light. 

DSC02156 This is us saying our vows, with Daughter looking on. Wee One must be just out of frame to the left; I don't know why she's standing back so far. All four of us had a reading to do; only mine was a secret from everyone else, since I wanted to make sure that mine had the impact I wanted. I don't think I can share it here because it's presumably copyright-protected. I'll ponder that one for a bit. So we all read our piece, then we did vows, and we did vows to the girls as well ("I promise not to sell you into slavery if your parent should die," something like that), then there was all kinds of jewelry exchanged: we'd purchased "Big Sister" and "Little Sister" necklaces for the girls, then I put a ring on her finger and she put one through my nose. Hi-yoooo!

A little dancing, a little more partying and a fine time was had by all.

So GF is gone, replaced by Wife. Thanks to all who came and shared the day with us, and to those of you who weren't there…there's always next year's Pig Roast (July 10, 2010). We can't guarantee a wedding will happen again but it should be a lot of fun. 

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  1. Congrats!! I think I missed the ceremony by 10 minutes but it was great to be there later to wish you both the best!

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