So, Once Again…

Mr. Snavely: It ain't a fit night out for man nor beast. 

[Repeated line after which Snavely repeatedly gets hit in the face with snow]

The Fatal Glass of Beer (1933)

…just to recap.

FP Snow
Allegany County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Caroline County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Frederick County, Howard County, Kent County, Montgomery County, Queen Anne's County, Washington County: conditions are too dangerous for the kids to get to and from school safely. 

FP Summer
Baltimore City: Tropical paradise where every driver has a spotless record. 

Did I mention that I live about 150 yards from the City/County line? 

Look: in my office, snow days are more trouble than they're worth (believe it or not). They bollix up schedules at my busiest time of the year. I'd much rather come in now, during the High Season for IEP meetings, than in June, when it's all housekeeping duties. And I realize that it's important to get the kids in school as many days as possible before the Maryland State Assessment is given, so they have as much advance prep as they can. 

But I also remember too many stories of kids who walked to school in the street because there wasn't any snow there. Unfortunately, that's where the cars, whose traction was tenuous at best, were. Not to mention that being on the sidewalk is no guarantee of safety. 

When I worked at Helen Keller, we followed New York City's lead on school closings. Unfortunately, NYC doesn't close very often for weather because all the kids take the subway or the MTA to school. HK kids took the short buses. One time, during a blizzard, I left home 2 hours earlier than usual. I got there before everyone else because nobody else was on the roads. Seven children came to school that day. We kept them all in my classroom and the teachers swapped in and out in shifts to work with them. 

This is Charm City, though, not New York City. I'm rarely comfortable with the kids being out in this stuff. 

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  1. AND delays don’t add on extra days at the end of the year — what the hell is wrong with a delay??? Especially when we get NO clearing of ice and snow in BCPSS parking lots???

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