Shutting Down, Sort of

Dr. John Becker: The Marathon just gets my hopes up. At first it seems like 20,000 idiots are leaving the city, but then they just make a big loop and come right back. 

Becker (1998-2004)


For those of you who were able to see the placeholder page I had up during my self-imposed exile, this will not be a surprise. For others…well, maybe it will be. 

When I first started this bit of chaff in the wheat field they call the Internet, the original idea was to chronicle my adjustment to life in a new city. I'm not sure why, given that I'd already been here for a couple of years, but that was the idea. Looking back, I see that I moved off of that platform in a big hurry. And, like so many other people who undertake this brand of online blathering, my early posts were pretty cringe-worthy. They were bad enough that I want to go back and edit most of them. Worse yet, I found typos. TYPOS! They've been there for nearly five years! (No, I didn't fix them.)


So that's what Baltimore Diary was originally meant to be about, but it morphed into something else over the nearly five years it's been around. Fortunately it's something that I can be proud of in the long run. I've got a bit of a following, I've made a few friends, and it's definitely had an impact on my life. You have no idea how much. Heh. 

But it's time for a change, and I'm hoping to put it in place in November. I won't go underground, and I won't do an extended MIA period (again). It'll be more like Whack-a-Mole, where I'll disappear from one place only to pop up in another. I've got a few ideas, and I'm working on designs, so there'll be a different name and address, and maybe a little bit of a different look, and I hope that both of my readers (heh) will follow me. The content won't be remarkably different, although there will be some changes there as well. However, that will be more of an evolutionary process, I think. 

More details as they become available. 

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