Road Trip Prep

Maya: So, how was Jamaica?
Dennis: Just like Florida, except everyone speaks English.

Just Shoot Me, “The Withholder” (11/17/98)


Today was one of those days where I did a lot of stuff and didn’t feel like I’d accomplished much when I got to the end.

Ipod-classicYesterday I picked up the iPod I ordered from Circuit City. I got a 160 GB model, since I have over 2500 tracks ripped and thousands more yet to do. (This is what happens when you were once a mobile DJ.) Since I’m not too much into the bells ‘n’ whistles, I got a Classic model (6th generation, I believe), in black. Not that it matters, since they both have the chrome backside. Much like my Uncle Arthur, who got his ass shot off in Vietnam. Heh.

If you look carefully at my specific iPod, you’ll notice that Marissa Miller’s crotch is nowhere near it. What a gyp.

The iPod is pretty easy to use but it’s not 100% intuitive. Some things you have to figure out, and the documentation that comes with the unit is rather thin. However, when you log into iTunes (which you need to have if you’re gonna use this thing), the help files are pretty good.

So I got my music files organized in the iTunes software, then I had to move them over to the iPod. This took a little doing, since it’s not obvious how it’s done. In fact, once I thought I’d done it, I was a bit surprised to discover that there was nothing in the iPod and I had to try again.

In the meantime, I worked on getting laundry done. I did about six loads (hey, it adds up when there are two adults and a nine year old who likes to play dress-up; plus there was still some residual laundry from their road trip), and there’s still one more to be done. Meanwhile GF is bounding back and forth between ironing some of the finished laundry and priming the walls in the upstairs hallway and the stairwell. Apparently there will be several rooms looking quite different when I get home.

Pj3 So in the morning (it’s 2:00 AM already? Ecch) I have to go to work and dismantle my computer so that I can set it up again…oh yeah, nowhere. Actually, I do have a place in mind but I’m not going to worry about it till I get back. Then it’s back home and throw some clothes into a carry-on-size bag. Into the car and I have to buzz through Polock Johnny’s to get a package of 20 Polish sausages for my brother the Recent Convert to the PJ’s. Aaaand…it’s off to the Sunshine State!

Where, naturally, my mother reports it’s rained like hell for days.