Demetri Martin: Employee of the month is a good example of how somebody can be both a winner and a loser at the same time.

Comedy Central Presents: Demitri Martin (3/19/04)


I pulled this out of my garden this morning:

Harvest Number Two  Yes indeed, kids. This is the SECOND time this season that I've picked a batch of tomatoes like this. The first batch already went into about three gallons of pasta sauce. This will yield a similar amount.

I'll probably get another harvest like this in another week or two. Then I'll be set for the entire winter with the sauce, even if I share with B & S. And I think they're kind of counting on my sharing, since S did take the time to hit my garden with the Miracle-Gro. Once.

So I have three projects going on today. Making a huge pot of sauce is the first one. The second involves helping my boss with a work-related project. It's a little tedious (and by "a little," I mean "soul-crushingly"), and involves some computer-based research, at which I'm probably a little faster than he is, so I was glad to assist. I just hope he wasn't counting on me giving this my FULL attention, because…

Hey, it's Sunday. Are you ready for some football? Today's game looks, on paper, to be a pretty tight matchup with a slight edge to the Browns, but Joe Flacco has been a pleasant surprise for the Ravens and we also have that unexpected sort-of bye week (which could hurt things down the line; we'll have to see). So I'm thinking that this will be a pretty good game, regardless of the outcome. Of course, I've been wrong about that sort of thing before.