Hey, They Could Do Worse–Though I’m Not Sure How

Mandy Hampton: Leo, please tell Josh that I can play a role in issues and that it's not going to be an end to this administration.
Josh Lyman: I don't think it's going to be an end to this administration, Leo, I think it's going to be an end of this republic.

The West Wing, "The State Dinner" (11/10/99)


So just to boost my spirits a little bit, and to celebrate my Blogiversary (four years as of today!), I sent a job application to the Obama administration.

Right now it's just an interest form with not much else to it. Later on, I presume, the other stuff will come up, such as what specific job I might be interested in.

I get the feeling that there are plenty of things which might disqualify me, many of which I've written about here. So in that sense I guess the disclosure part is out there. But what the hell–to be part of something like that would be nothing short of amazing.

I guess if I actually got a job with the Obama administration (Secretary of How They Handled It On The West Wing), I'd have to take a leave of absence from Baltimore City Public Schools. I wonder if they'd miss me?

I presume I'd also have to step away from this blog for awhile. On the other hand, I'd have a million bucks' worth of book that I'd be able to write at the end of it all. Heh.

Dare to dream!