Get Me, I’m a DeeJay

And a nerdy one, at that.

Have you seen or tried Yahoo’s Launchcast yet? It’s your basic streaming audio radio program, but the difference is that you get to rate the artist, song and album. Yahoo then takes your ratings and uses them to select the next song that it’s going to stream down to you. You can also listen to other people’s stations and allow their selections to influence yours.

There’s a freebie version with ads, or for less than $5 a month you can get it ad-free. Not a bad deal if you spend huge amounts of time with your computer. Or, even if you don’t but you still listen to a lot of music, you can just turn the speakers up.

But here’s the truly nerdy part. I’ve got an audio cable going out of the computer, under the floor and coming back up on the other side of the room, where it’s plugged into the stereo system. (This is THE best reason to have a basement.)  And, of course (heh), I have the backyard wired for sound. So I can listen to streaming audio pretty much anywhere in the house. I’ll admit it sounds a little stupid having this stuff at top volume when I’m also working and I hit an error message or something, but for the most part it’s kinda cool.

If you’re interested in Launchcast, here’s the link to my station:

My Launchcast Station