Tat’s the Way, Uh-huh, Uh-huh, I Like It

Here’s a guy who had some interesting body art done. He apparently went on the Late Show with David Letterman some time back. His misspellings are a little distracting, but it’s people like this that make the Web fun and interesting.

A couple of other goofy links:

How to kill yourself like a man

Pen Island! Is it a joke or did someone have a D’oh! moment?

A keyboard for typing one-handed. You know, I bet handicapped people could use this too.

Sex toy that tries too hard. Not Safe For Work.

Fun drummer. The best part? "This is rock and roll." Stay with it.

LA to New York in Four Minutes. This is a mesmerizing bit of video.


A book I spotted in the Borders in Boston (click to embiggen):


I’m just saying.

What a weird-ass day today was.

You already know about Monday and my spouting off at the principal. Today was the fallout from that. There was another copy of the writeup in my mailbox and a note from her: "Please see me."

Hm. Given that the first line of the memo was "Warning?" (that’s how it was written, with a question mark) and the last line was a place where I’m supposed to sign this thing and return it, I decide that this is a disciplinary action and I’m going to get me some union representation. I poke my head in on the building rep, who—as it turns out—is no fan of the principal, and tell her what happened and show her the note. It was pretty amusing, watching the expressions cross her face; an interesting mixture of confusion and amusement. Finally she tells me that I should just write a rebuttal correcting the errors and leave it at that. No point in turning it into an argument that’s only going to stress me out.

So, five drafts later (gotta write, then delete, all the poisonous stuff so it’s out of my system) and I’ve got the rebuttal ready. Finally she approaches me and tells me that it’s time for us to talk about the memo. I tell her, "OK, we need [Union Rep] to come down, then." That didn’t exactly brighten her day. She told me that I didn’t need any such thing. I said, "Hey, when I’m given something that says ‘warning’ at the top and has a place for my signature at the bottom, that says disciplinary action to me and I’m bringing a rep." She lets me get the rep.

We go through twenty minutes of whether this is disciplinary in nature, whether I said what I said, whether I was going to apologize (I didn’t, although I did admit that I was terse), whether I was going to guarantee that it wasn’t going to happen again (yeah, not so much), whether I was going to sign the thing or not, whether my rebuttal was accurate (more so than hers, I daresay), whether I was going to sign the memo (I didn’t, but I didn’t specifically refuse), blah blah blah blah blah. Basically we sat there and let her blather on about all kinds of stuff about respecting others, especially when "company comes to the table" and I don’t know what-all else. Right after the meeting broke up I noted that the auditor had been through my files and we were nearly perfect (one minor problem, easily fixed). So with any luck, I’ll be missed someday in the future.

So there was that. Then there was a Medicare survey that was due this afternoon. I’d planned to bring it to my supervisor in the afternoon, but I wound up having to do a home visit on another student. I can’t give away too many details, but the visit itself was pretty important. I sent an email to the office saying that I couldn’t get in because of the visit, and I’d have the stuff waiting for him when he arrived in the morning.

Tonight was the night that my book club meets. I went and did that, had a couple of pleasant hours of chitchat. Nice stuff. On the way home, about an hour ago, I get a text message from GF telling me to call the supervisor right away. He’s bitching me out because I didn’t get the survey in today and "How many times do I have to remind you about these things?" Erm…I’m not in the habit of bringing stuff in late. Exactly on time, perhaps, but not late. "You had this thing due, you got an extension [everyone did], and it still wasn’t in on time. I’m not happy."

You know what? These two events more or less bookended my day. In between I got a lot of stuff done. I arranged meetings for students, I talked to parents and teachers, I got a lot of backlog done, I survived an audit and did well with it besides, I had to break it to a mom that her kid is autistic and, by the time we finished, she was actually thanking me for ensuring that he got the help he needs. I had a very productive day despite the crap I had to eat. Yeah, I’m sleeping well tonight.

Get Me, I’m a DeeJay

And a nerdy one, at that.

Have you seen or tried Yahoo’s Launchcast yet? It’s your basic streaming audio radio program, but the difference is that you get to rate the artist, song and album. Yahoo then takes your ratings and uses them to select the next song that it’s going to stream down to you. You can also listen to other people’s stations and allow their selections to influence yours.

There’s a freebie version with ads, or for less than $5 a month you can get it ad-free. Not a bad deal if you spend huge amounts of time with your computer. Or, even if you don’t but you still listen to a lot of music, you can just turn the speakers up.

But here’s the truly nerdy part. I’ve got an audio cable going out of the computer, under the floor and coming back up on the other side of the room, where it’s plugged into the stereo system. (This is THE best reason to have a basement.)  And, of course (heh), I have the backyard wired for sound. So I can listen to streaming audio pretty much anywhere in the house. I’ll admit it sounds a little stupid having this stuff at top volume when I’m also working and I hit an error message or something, but for the most part it’s kinda cool.

If you’re interested in Launchcast, here’s the link to my station:

My Launchcast Station