Decisions, Decisions

I’ve started the planning for my annual Holiday party. It sounds a little early, but it’s my one big party of the year and at this point it’s kind of expected (i.e. I can’t not do it, now). I don’t make any major effort to outdo myself each year but I do like to try doing different stuff, and that’s where the advance planning comes in.

GF and I start with some of the basics, like the food and the guest list. The two pretty much evolve together: as the guest list grows, so does the food list, but its overall complexity will lessen. Hey, I don’t want to spend the entire night in the kitchen.

Originally I was thinking about a larger group than we’re used to inviting, for several reasons. One of the biggest is that by the time the invitations go out, I’ll be working a different job. This means a different crowd of people to invite, in both number and relative importance. My new job as King of the Average Schmucks will make me visible to principals and Area Supervisory types, plus my coworkers will change a little bit. Add to that the greater visiblity that GF and I have both been working on in the community and now you start thinking about inviting local elected officials and community representatives in general. Plus there are the people who came last year. So we take the invite list from last year (yeah, I saved it and have been looking at it daily for a year), weed out the repeat no-shows and start there. Add in a few new names and without trying we’re up to the same size list as last year (about 45). And we haven’t even gotten to new obligations yet.

With a crowd this big, we also have to start thinking about venue. My place is pretty small. So I have two issues: Starting with a "weeded" list means that I’ve got a lower percentage of no-shows in the first place, so I can’t depend (if that’s the word) on a percentage of those people not coming. I may have to actually move this thing to a local hotel meeting room/suite/some fricken thing or some other, slightly larger location. I’m gonna need something like 500 square feet for us to play in. More on this story as it develops.